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I am particularly interested in the intersections of religion, Jewishness, sexuality,
and gender. 



I am currently completing my ESRC-funded PhD in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Hebrew & Jewish Studies. My research focuses on queer* Jewish women’s lived experiences and practices in England and Israel. 


In addressing this aim, I (i) map queer Jewish women’s lived experiences and practices in their own words to provide more nuanced insights into contemporary lived experiences; (ii) present the first empirical research on queer Jewish women in the UK; and (iii) demonstrate the complex and dynamic interplays between the personal, socio-cultural, and national by paying particular attention to understandings and experiences of Jewishness and queerness, the procreative-norm, the couple-norm, and trauma. 



In it, I argue that the negotiation, experience, and expression of queer women’s sexuality is deeply rooted in their Jewish identities. While previous studies and scholarship has explored LGBTQ+ identities to various religious traditions, I argue that cultural and ethnic Jewishness influence queer women as well. 



In addition to my PhD research, I am, among other things, interested in LGBTQ+ Holocaust Studies, antisemitism from a gender and sexuality perspective, and trauma research. 

* My research focuses on lesbian, bi, pan, asexual, and queer women.

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